The comparative literature running guide!

I was telling a few friends about some running books I’ve read recently and I found myself comparing Murakami to Shakespeare.

As the literature geek that I am, I decided to write a style overview of my favorite books in comparison to British writers – just in case you were wondering where to start!


If you like Shakespeare read Murakami’s What I Talk about When I Talk About Running: it’s a plot you’ve heard  before and the tale of many runners and amateur athletes just like you but told through a beautiful poetic prose. His words are bound to stick with you.


If you like Oscar Wilde read Born to Run: like Wilde, Born to Run is an easy and entertaining read, with some self-satire throughout the way.


If you like Rudyard Kipling, read Running with Kenyans: The style has a similar journalistic flair, creating a clear image of the world the author was seeing. It makes you want to go there right away.


If you like Joseph Conrad, read Eat and Run: Jurek’s tale on finding ultras includes all the pain and anxieties of the process. Not for the faint of heart.


What are your favorite titles?


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