I spoke to my former running coach about the most usual questions I get from fellow asthmatics who are keen to start running. These are the three main points which came across over and over again.

  1. Any asthmatic person can run. There are many great athletes with asthma and physical activity can assist the prophylactic treatment.
  2. You SHOULDN’T try to breath in any different way when running – it is actually key that the asthmatic athlete does not develop different respiratory mechanics
  3. If you are feeling the first signs of asthma during or before running –  don’t go for a run.  If you are used to some sort of medication (which I personally don’t advocate) then you MAY be able to run. But the only person who should tell you what to do is your doctor. Each asthma is different, there are different triggers and different reactions to medicine, so don’t try to be a superhero and respect your body.

On a personal note:  every time I feel weaker (for instance, when temperatures drastically change, when I am in high altitude or it’s the first day of spring) I will just go for a walk instead. It’s a great exercise nonetheless and will still pump your lungs and move your legs but in a gentler way.

If you have  questions on running with asthma send them and/or follow me on Instagram and comment there!

Thank you MPR for taking the time to answer our questions!

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