Top tips for running during winter & fall (with or without asthma)

The air is getting dryer and the weather is getting colder. This means that poluttants in the air are more concentrated and it can be more difficult to exercise. Your eyes might be sensitive to irritation, you may feel breathless or suffer from running nose and colds. If you have asthma, this can be even worse.

There are some tips to overcome these challenges and keep running (especially if, like me, running in colder weather is something you enjoy)

1)    Up your liquids intake. As we tend to sweat less at this time of the year it’s easy to overlook your hydration. But especially if you suffer from respiratory issues keeping yourself hydrated is key to minimize pollutants.

2)    For longer runs, stop a few times to wash your face and eyes with cold and filtered water if possible, to lessen the accumulation of skin poluttants.

3)    Look for routes with trees and avoid routes with lots of traffic.

4)    If you are extremely sensitive to pollution then do some indoor training  – in particular on much colder days.

5)    Try to avoid incredibly long outdoor runs – especially in an urban context – so that you can avoid prolonged exposure to pollutants.

6)    Usually, the day is more humid in these seasons in the morning, until 11am and in the afternoon, after 4pm, so those are better times to run.

7)  Warm up before running outside. Kick your knees high a bit,  skip a rope, do some lunges. Get your lungs ready before accelerating.

8) Dress wisely. You shouldn’t be too warm otherwise you will sweat too much and feel cold and wet. If its around 0ºC then go for 2 layers (like a long sleeve base and a vest). Otherwise, you can probably go with a tank top and a long-sleeve vest for most cases. And if needed, protect your ears and hands!

I hope this helps!

Credits: Michael Krigsman

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