Office lunches for the busy, lazy and broke vegan

This is a quick post because people always ask me what I eat at the office and people at my office always want my food ūüėČ

Let’s start off by saying that I am not a good cook.

I survive on a weekly basis with bare kitchen skills. I try as often as I can to prep beans, quinoa and roasted vegetables on Sunday nights and take that to work.

Yet sometimes that does not happen. Around work there are  no vegan options  (except for a falafel wrap) so one must be inventive with Sainsbury’s and the office’s microwave.

This is what I do in those situations:

First of, grains are my base. I try to cook quinoa and take them to work, which means using a £1.80 bag to cook 5 meals (meaning only £0.36 per portion ).



If that does not happen I buy one of these babes and ration it wisely:


Next up: veggies.

I get a few of these or something of the sort.


Last but not least, the all time favourite protein source for dummies Рcanned beans

There are MANY options and I vary in types such as black, red kidney etc. I use ¬Ĺ a carton per lunch but at ¬£0.65 the unit you can even have it ALL.

If I want some freshness, I get some cherry tomatoes and peppers just for the top. Sometimes avocado.


1. Lay on the bowl the grains, the beans and the veggies

2. Cover it up and put on microwave for 2 min.


Seasoning is key here, so these are some of my favourite go-to:

1.    Lime juice, olive oil, salt

2.    Tamari sauce /soy sauce and chiplote/chilli

3.    Dijon mustard, lime juice, olive oil

4.    Tamari or soy sauce, a spoon of peanut butter and chilli




That lunch costs around   £1.59 per day using the nearest Sainbury’s as comparison.

It’s quick

It’s easy

It’s cheap


Of course home cooked meals are much better then microwaved ones. But if that is not an option, don’t’ buy any junk food just because. You can still survive!

I hope this helps!

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