The best podcasts of 2016 (for long runs)

I became quite addicted to podcasts recently so I wanted to share some of my 2016 favourites. I thought about doing it thematically but it might be more useful to divide them into “when to listen”, since that is how I organize them!

So, let’s start with my favourite podcasts for longer runs.

I love these four as they tend to talk about empowered people & overcoming challenges for more then an hour.

Is hard to stop running when a dude is telling a story of how he almost lost his hand in the Everest…

1. Rich Roll – Rich has a really inspiring story himself. He also has a really calm and clear voice and interviews all sorts of crazy, interesting, limitless people such as #ShalaneFlanagan, #ColinO’Brady and #AnthonyErvin. Rich’s podcast is my number 1 choice for longer runs because they are often around 2 hours, so its great company!


2. #GirlBoss Radio – on a different spectrum but as inspiring Sophia Amoruso (the #NastyGal legend)  and the women she interviews are kick-ass entrepreneurs and inspiring. My favourite by far was the interview with #ClassPass founder Payal Kadakia. Sophia is funny and brutally honest so it makes for good company,. They are not as long so I recommended adding 2-3 episodes on an “up next” loop.


3. No Meat Athletesimilar in style to Rich’s, this is more focused on  running and vegan life but with some really cool guests   as well such as the inspiring #BaggioHusidic and #RobertCheeke . The hosts Matt and Doug sound like your old friends chatting over beer so it makes for a long but gentle run. Easy going, informative and super informal.


4. Real Talk Radio These episodes are also extra long so if you need to do 18-21km (and you are slow like me) this is a good option. Nicole had an alcohol abuse problem; she quit drinking and started running on the same day. She talks A LOT (I feel like she is the female version of No Meat Athlete haha). And sounds super nice. Her interviews are quite eclectic but include #LacyDavis, #SarahRobinson and #LaurenFleshman.


Which ones are your favourites?

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