High protein plant based pasta dishes to whip in a minute

Winter is here to stay. And as much as we love our leafy greens and fresh veggies sometimes we just want to come home to a comforting pasta bowl.

The good news is: recent additions to the UK supermarkets turn this idea into a high-protein nutritional dish!

Below are some of my favourite pasta recipes, particularly perfect for vegans.

1.     Edamame Pasta from Explore Asia (Vegan and Gluten – Free)

Nutritional info: 182 kcal per serving with 9g only of carbs and a whoopping 22.5g of protein

Pair it with: Oriental sauce

Combine soy sauce or tamari with 1-2 spoons of crunchy Peanut Butter, fresh chopped chillies and ginger. Toss it on the cooked pasta and enjoy!

To make it pop, add a stir-fry of peppers, edamame and bok-choi.

2.      Green Pea Penne from Cook Italian (Gluten – Free)

Nutritional info: 18.2 grams of protein and 281 kcal per portion.

Great with: a nice tomato sauce .

Add dried tomatoes, black olives and drizzle a little olive oil for an Italian touch!



3.     Black Bean Spaghetti from Explore Asia (Vegan and Gluten – Free)

Nutritional info: 22g of protein per portion and only 176 kcal. This is a serious contender for your daily beans!

Add some flavour with: avocado-mint sauce and mushrooms.

Blend one ripe avocado with lime juice, black pepper, salt and fresh mint. Toss it over a mushroom stir fry and combine with the cooked pasta.

Creamy and nourishing!

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