Top weird fun workouts in London

Sometimes you just get tired of the gym/running/whatever it is you do.

And sometimes it is just cold. So I compiled a little list of my favourite weird workouts  in London to take you out of your rut.

Disco Yoga

Calling all East London peeps: if you can’t decide if you should go out or go to yoga, this is the answer.

For disco lovers and yoga aficionados alike the time will fly. And you can treat yourself to some superfood cokctails to end (or start) your night well.

Prior to the class go socialize in the glitter station, to get you in the mood for your disco down dog

More info on:

Airborne fitness

Remember the fun you had when, as a kid, you had access to a trampoline?

This is it.

Airborn fitness is a trampoline park. This class makes you jump and bounce across over 50 trampolines.

Exhilarating and will definitely break a sweat.

More info:

The WellScene

The WellScene has been putting fun fitness events all over London for a while, but the best so far has been the Black Light Burpess, with the Viking Method

A high intenstity interval training workout,  in a dark room illuminated by neon! Yes, you get a glowstick upon arrival.

Sweat party mode!

Captura de Tela 2017-01-22 às 20.26.43.png

More info:

 Morning Gloryville

We left the rave for last. Morning Glory is an “immersive dance party / sober morning rave” to RAVE YOUR WAY INTO THE DAY.

It’s an amazing way to start off any day – you will arrive at work BUZZING from the music, yoga, the massage and/or the smoothies.

Book your spot now:



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