So you want to start running? do this one thing!

You look at photos of runners and think: that would be great ! After all it is:.

  •  easy to do anywhere in the world
  • cheap (all you need are some running shoes – and they don’t need to be expensive or fancy)
  • people from all sizes, shapes and ages do it.

But then, maybe you think:

Isn’t it boring?
Ins’t it hard?
I can’t run for more than 30 seconds
I can’t run because I have asthma (or any other respiratory disease)
I am out of shape
+ any other number of excuses.

I can say that I was once this person. Excuses: “overweight”, asthmatic, lazy.

Then I had surgery and part of my recovery routine included walking on a treadmill + stationary bikes.

Trust me: THAT is boring. Like, mind-numbing boredom at the highest level.

So, let’s talk about boredom. There I was, doing something horrendous in a gym (not my favorite place) and only getting through because , well, I wanted to walk again. So how do you solve boredom?

A few ideas:
– Bring a friend with you (didn’t really work with me as I used to get up way too early for everyone else, but my mum did that)
– Bring music (worked for me a few times a week)
– Bring an ipad with your favourite TV show (that was actually my life-saviour)

So, if you want to start running, there is only ONE way in my humble opinion.

And that is: you  must decide that said physical activity is more important for you than the alternative. Then think of anything that could make it less terrible. And start walking.

Honestly, if you are not doing any type of exercise, walking is the best thing ever. We were made to walk. You can walk outside to see the nature, the neighbours, listen to podcasts, music, a friend, anything. Even asthmatics can walk. So, no excuses.

Now, once you start walking, you may want to try upping your pace.  Maybe you set your treadmill to do 1 min at a faster pace and 1 min on a comfortable pace. Maybe you go on a few hills.  If you like that experience, keep pushing yourself a little each week.

If you are patient, the result will likely be: jogging (i.e.  running at a light pace, where you can still hold a conversation).

Congrats: you are running!

So, my one secret tip to anyone who wants to start running is this: start walking



Join a group, bring a friend, take your dog.

And hopefully you will love it as much as I do!

It took me over 3 years to get here – and LOTS of tv shows.
But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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