Yeotown Wellness Retreat – Review

Wellness can get a bad rep these days. Everyone seems to talk about self care yet it feels utterly unrealistic to most of us. At least to me. When I am super stressed and juggling 1009202 things, I don’t have the mindset to make myself a bath or something. I don’t even like baths!

I quit my job in April, got a freelance gig until June and then planned a bit of a break. I was so drained, burned out and fatigued I couldn’t function. I was craving sugars like crazy, bingeing out of control and feeling so HEAVY. My mind was clouded, I couldn’t sleept. It was BAD.

So I booked myself a spot at YEOTOWN, a wellness retreat which focuses on the body and mind connection. No cell service, limited internet loads of activities and nature – time. The journey is  straightforward, with a direct train from London. Upon your arrival, the lovely staff awaits to drive you to their little slice of heaven.

Yeotown is the definition of cozy chic. All rooms are simple but beautifully done, totally in sync with its lush surroundings. Wood, stones, lots of white. It is a truly peaceful decor!

Once arrived, we were briefed on how everything would work.  There are lots of hikes, yoga and activity, but there is no schedule on the wall. They tell you the night before what time you should wake up and be ready for the next activity. Then once that its done they inform you on the next thing. This, they explain, is for the ones (like me!) who are prone to overplanning and overscheduling every second of their existence. I thought I would struggle with it, but I quickly adapted.

Hikes, yoga, surfing and some beautiful meditations filled our days, fueled by AMAZING home-cooked food. Taking out sugar from my diet was SO EASY there. I felt truly NOURISHED. And I had no more cravings since I’ve been back (5 days! haha)


My mind feels SO clear. I don’t recall ever feeling like this, even though I eat a vegan diet and don’t drink much or anything like that.

One thing I will say is that the hikes were incredibly challenging: so if you go, go prepared! It was a great workout!

Most importantly, the retreat is special because of the people who work there. The  therapists, the yoga instructors, the two beautiful cooks, the entertaining hiking guides: they all transmit a sense of peace and loving care towards you. It instilled a massive feeling of comraderie in our group of 10 guests. People from all strands of life, places and each one with their on specific reasons to be here bonded in a deep, non-judgemental way. The whole experience is a haven of safety.

We had one music session ( I don’t want to explain much as to not spoil the surprise) which was emotional. I had tears in my eyes the whole time. Music has the power to take you places and I felt reconnecte with my core self, with things that I am afraid to connect and, at the same time, with all the things that I need to work on letting go.

I can’t recommend this place enoigh. And I can’t wait to be back!

To find out more, visiti their website here: 

They are also launching a cafe with their scrumptuous healthy foods in London soon! So stay tuned! (The gluten free muesli is TO DIE FOR!)

And, for now, NAMASTE!


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