Yeotown Wellness Retreat – Review

Yesterday at the gym I lifted heavy weights. And I saw actual improvement. I could do the exercise better, my form was nearly perfect.

However, if you look at me, you will see somewhat flabby arms, chunky tighs and a soft and squishy appearance. Not your ripped cross-fit chick or lean ballerina.

I struggle with this, with how I look and how my muscle improvement does not show my inner improvements like I think it should.

Then I see Serena Williams and think: she doens’t fit any standards on her sport and it does not seem to stop her.

Of course, she is amazingly talented and her physique and stamina are key to her daily job. Whereas, to me, and most of us, being fit and having strong muscles its to benefit our health and not to earn us any money!

I often meet runners who are older than me and run way better and faster. Most times, they are leaner and have the runner “biotype”. Unfortunately, I am not going to become suddenly taller or have longer legs. So comparing myself it’s just not worth it.

Surprisingly, these people always ask me: how did you run a marathon with such bad asthma? And three bad ligaments? They are always incredibly supportive. People who don’t run tell me I inspire them. And I never believe it because I am slow, I am not skinny and ripped etc etc

But why shouldn’t I believe them?

Isn’t it strong to show up, day after day, and try to improve, even if it is hard for you?

Isn’t it strong to carry heavy boxes “not fit for girls”?

What about going on a run and sticking to it when your lungs feel like they want to get out of your body?

I looked up the Merriam Webster definition and I am pretty sure we can all identify with one or another use. Not all the time. But what matters is we keep going “not easily disturbed”.

For anything to improve in our lives, we need time and consistency: learning a new craft, developing and keeping our relationships, getting a degree, getting a promotion.

So why do we let strong have a look when it is all about a feeling? A way to deal with things?

I am trying to become friends with this term more and more. Because even recongizing our wekanesses and not shying away from it, I think it’s strenght. No?

Definition of strong


play\ˈstrȯŋ-gər also -ər\;


play\ˈstrȯŋ-gəst also -əst\

  1. 1:  having or marked by great physical power
  2. 2:  having moral or intellectual power
  3. 3:  having great resources (as of wealth or talent)
  4. 4:  of a specified number an army ten thousand strong
  5. 5a :  striking or superior of its kind strong resemblanceb :  effective or efficient especially in a specified direction strong on watching other people work — A. Alvarez
  6. 6:  forcefulcogent strong evidence strong talk
  7. 7:  not mild or weak :  extremeintense: such as a :  rich in some active agent strong beerb of a color :  high in chroma c :  ionizing freely in solution strong acids and basesd :  magnifying by refracting greatly strong lens
  8. 8obsolete :  flagrant
  9. 9:  moving with rapidity or force strong wind
  10. 10:  ardentzealous strong supporter
  11. 11a :  not easily injured or disturbed :  solidb :  not easily subdued or taken strong fort
  12. 12:  well established :  firm strong beliefs
  13. 13:  not easily upset or nauseated strong stomach
  14. 14:  having an offensive or intense odor or flavor :  rank strong breath
  15. 15:  tending to steady or higher prices strong market
  16. 16:  of, relating to, or being a verb that is inflected by a change in the root vowel (such as strive, strove, striven) rather than by regular affixation




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