Running Form Coaching – pt 1

Hi everyone!

I just signed up for a 6-session initial running form coaching programme with the Running & Movement School.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve had a really intense surgery a few years ago, to repair 3 ligaments and remove an extra bone from my right ankle. It took me over a year to recover but ever since then my right leg has been significantly less balanced and strong.

I figured that if I wanted to reduce risk of injuries and become a better, faster runner, I should take some time taking care of my form. Also, if I plan to keep doing long-distance runs, efficiency is KEY.

Today I had my first session.

I first ran at different speeds and inclines on a treadmill, and this was all recorded (aka Video Biomechanical Analysis). I was then asked to do a few exercises (Functional Movement Analysis), balance, squats etc to analyse my overall form and strenght made on a fun little mat.


Seeing myself running on the camera is strange, to say the least, but it pointed to many things I didn’t know. I am SHUFFLER!


My upper body posture is perfect

Everything else! Haha
My left leg is aligned but my right leg is still trying to balance so I cross my gravity centre when I run.
I am powering my run through my calves and quads, when I should actually be activating my glutes. This means that I spend very little time on air and so I brake everytime, instead of having a continuous motion, mostly on air.

I freaked out a bit, because it seems so inefficient and terrible!
But, fear not my friends. According to Nick, my fantastic and supportive coach at the Running School , this is super common. People can be an octopus (legs and arms everywhere), a shuffler and much more:

So, on the next week I have a few exercises to do.

One, to activate my glutes before every run.

Captura de Tela 2017-06-28 às 17.01.39

Another two to strenghten my glutes: single-leg half squats and brushing my teeth on the right leg only (which is the one who needs improvement!)

I am super excited about the promise of improving my form in just 6 sessions. However, it is important to note that:

It takes six to eight weeks to change the neuromuscular system of the body and you need to give yourself a chance by sticking to it for at least six weeks.

That means, adding some work to your already busy day, but it is all about PRIORITIES! To help with that, if you have a running plan, the coaching programme will analyse it and find the best days for your “running form homework time”!

Will report back next week!







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